AMPPCares Delivering 100 cKits to Denver High Schools

Each year, AMPPCares participates in a volunteer opportunity that will make an impact with the local community hosting that year’s annual conference + expo. This year, AMPPCares is teaming up with EMERG Student Outreach Program, which has an overarching goal to engage, magnetize, educate, raise, and guide students. Together, they are aiming to build 100 Corrosion Toolkits (cKits) that will be delivered to high school teachers around the Denver area.

According to AMPP’s EMERG website, the cKit was developed by top corrosion experts in 2005 to allow experiments that will help demonstrate the concepts and principles of corrosion. Those components include alligator clips, AA battery and holder, electrode set, digital voltmeter, and a teacher’s guide.

Volunteers, facilitated by AMPP staff and the Rocky Mountain Chapter members, will be working to put together the cKits on Tuesday, March 21, and Wednesday, March 22, 2023. The 100 cKits will help the EMERG group meet an overall goal of building 1,000 cKits for the summer program.  

Stop by the Student Quad area of the exhibit hall floor if you have any free time to help build these kits. (There’s no need to sign up beforehand to participate.) The cKit building event will take place on Tuesday, March 21, and Wednesday, March 22, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

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