AMPP’s Informational Session Offers Tips on Business Growth

Chaired by Pam Nicoletti of AMPP and Tom Higginbotham of PPG, Tuesday afternoon's informational session at the 2023 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo attracted many attendees. Titled "Identifying New Government Contract Opportunities, Making an Impact on Your Business through the Use of KPIs, and Evaluating Why Team Players Cheat," the session consisted of five different presentations.  

D. Terry Greenfield and Ben Bussard (Consulex) presented about protective coatings inspections. “There are problems today and how were approaching them,” Greenfield said. “If you’re a contractor, you should be keeping detailed records and logs.”

Next, attendees heard from Stephanie Corey (Xcel Energy) who spoke about individual and customer personas and how they affect relationships. She covered how to understand you own persona, how to understand your customers’ persona, and flexing your style to improve relationships.

Then, guests heard from Greg Redick (Potomac Redan Associates LLC) about contracting with the federal government and the basics to get started. He presented a basic reference for those interested in, or considering entering, pursuit of contract work with the federal government.

The fourth presentation was by Kyle Payne, Ph.D., who spoke about evaluating why team players cheat, a presentation based on his research paper, “Doing Bad Things for Good Reasons: An Examination of Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior Among Professional Workers.”

And finally, Heather Groll (AMPP) gave an interactive presentation about filling the bucket through leadership. “You don’t have to have a title to be a leader,” Groll told the audience.  

Attendees were engaged throughout the presentations and were able to ask questions after each one.

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