Sharing Case Studies on Premature Coating Failures

Premature coating failures continue to cost asset owners, paint manufacturers, fabricators, contractors, shipbuilders, and others substantial amounts of unbudgeted money each year. Most of these failures are preventable, however, if the proper principles are employed for selecting, applying, and inspecting the coatings.

This tutorial, presented at the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo by Mike O’Brien of Mark 10 Resource Group, Inc., is based on hundreds of real-life coating failures investigated by the presenter during his 40 years in the coating industry. It presents real-life case histories of coating failures that occur on steel, concrete, hotdip galvanizing, and ductile iron substrates.

Failures involving most commonly applied coatings such as inorganic zinc, organic zinc, epoxy, polysiloxane, polyurethane, water-based acrylic, and polyurea will be discussed.  

When a premature coating failure occurs, it is important to investigate it using proper principles, techniques, and procedures. Monday’s presentation will also include a new section on basic principles for analyzing premature coating failure, including preparing for a coating failure investigation, conducting on-site research, choosing a testing laboratory, interpreting results, and writing a report.

Monday’s forum on premature coatings failures will take place from 8:30 a.m. until noon local time in Mayor Cockrell Room 004 of the Henry B. González Convention Center.

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