Corrosion Protection Measures for Bridge Preservation: Galvanizing, Metallizing, and Duplex Coatings

Corrosion of steel is a worldwide problem. This forum at the 2022 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo will discuss the corrosion protection measures of galvanizing, metallizing, and duplex coatings, along with shared experiences from Department of Transportations (DOTs) and paint manufacturers in dealing with them.

Tuesday’s forum will include hands-on demonstrations of adhesion tests of duplex coating on galvanized and metallized panels. There will be discussions from three different paint manufactures on using duplex coating for new steel, along with an analysis of what measures need to be considered and taken for coating the galvanized/metallized steel. Slip and creep of faying surfaces will also be discussed.

Current case studies will be presented for galvanized bridges over 50 years old with no maintenance to date—meaning the first cost is still the same cost—and for metallized bridges over 20 years old with no maintenance. Duplex bridges will also be highlighted, with a current case study as well.

This forum will educate the beginner as well as the experienced AMPP members. Participants will learn of the cathodic protection of zinc and how it protects the steel substrate. Presentations will be informal, and questions from the audience will be encouraged.

The forum will take place on Tuesday, March 8 from 2 to 5 p.m. local time in Room 208.

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