Forum Explores Successful Leadership From the Inside Out

It’s tempting to view leadership through a results-driven mindset, focusing only on outcomes. But successful leadership relies on more than metrics. Diversity, inclusion, social responsibility, and ethical decision making are all crucial to a strong leadership culture.

In Monday's forum from 8 a.m. to noon local time in Room 206 AB, hosts Stephanie Biagiotti Corey of Xcel Energy and Kelsey May of MESA will provide tools to learn how you can make a difference in your own leadership for yourself and your teams. They will introduce the following presenters to cover critical aspects to achieve successful leadership.

Reimagining Business in a Force for Good, presented by Kailey Dharam of Dairyland. Thissession will outline the Live Engaged initiative at Dairyland Electrical Industries, while discussing the broader concept of merging business andcommunity involvement in a wholistic approach to corporate social responsibility.

How Labor & Industry Interact in an Ever-Evolving Society, presented by Jim Williams of IUPAT. Discover therole that labor unions can play in raising the bar for workers, ensuringquality on the jobsite, and uplifting equality for the next generation ofworkers in our industry.

Putting People First at Work, presented by Kelsey May of MESA. This session will explore the positive impact ofcreating inclusive, people-first policies.

To Cancel or Not to Cancel: Navigating Microagressions in the Workplace, presented by Nick D’Angelo. This session will lead you through navigating instances of unconscious bias and microagressions in the workplace while maintaining productive professional relationships.

The Leadership from the Inside Out forum is sponsored by BP.

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