IMPACT Canada Study: Changing the Cultural Mindset on Corrosion

As a bonus to Monday’s Enbridge Case Study presentation, Laura Cardenas facilitated a forum in which findings from the recently completed cost of corrosion study (IMPACT Study) that was conducted specifically for the country of Canada were presented.

Monica Hernandez (Infinity Growth and Country Coordinator for IMPACT Canada Study) and Sandy Williamson (former president for NACE International) presented the findings via a pre-recorded video. They acknowledged the two key sponsors on the project: LCMI of The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) and the NACE International Northern Area.

Participants in the study were represented among four industry sectors thatincluded energy, manufacturing, mining, and transportation.

Additionally, several case studies were discussed, along with results. The speakers also addressed issues pertaining to sustainability, materials sustainability, and materials stewardship. The presentation was concluded by presenting next steps and conclusions. A key takeaway is the importance of a shift in cultural mindset in considering the impact of corrosion.

The 2021 IMPACT Canada Study can be found on the website.

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