IMPACT PLUS Audit Pinpoints Areas for Improvement

In a forum on Monday afternoon, IMPACT PLUS experts discussed the value that Enbridge, a leading energy delivery company, realized after conducting a critical, inward-looking audit of its asset integrity program utilizing the IMPACT PLUS audit process.

Presented by Elaine Bowman of AMPP, the session covered how Enbridge measured the maturity of the company'sasset integrity activities and also benchmarked their results against other organizations in the corrosion industry.

Even though there are very structured processes and procedures to manage asset integrity throughout the life cycle of an asset within Enbridge, the IMPACT PLUS audit helped pinpoint areas for improvement to further improve performance.

Monday’s session began with Keith Parker of Enbridge in a pre-recorded video, in which he discussed the reasons Enbridge decided to take part in the IMPACT PLUS audit.

Bowman went on to cover those reasons in greater detail, includingkey action items such as: conduct, identify, pinpoint, demonstrate, reinforce, and determine. Bowman also walked attendees through the timeline of the audit, which took place in five distinct phases beginning in April 2021 and ending in November 2021.

Other topics covered included the IMPACT PLUS corrosion management process, the benefits of undertaking a corrosion management process audit, key learnings from the audit, and next steps. Bowman concluded the forum by answering questions from attendees.

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