Packed AMPP Crowd Enjoys Pipeline Safety Forum

Always a very popular session, the PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) Pipeline Safety Forum was held Monday afternoon with analysis of how PHMSA and other agencies address corrosion in pipeline safety from a regulatory and industry perspective.  

With a standing-room-only crowd watching, the discussion was moderated by Kevin Garrity of the Mears Group. He welcomed attendees and introduced the slate of presentations, allowing ample time for a Q&A upon their conclusion.

  • The first speaker was Alan Mayberry, Associate Administrator for Pipeline Safety at PHMSA. Overall, the presentation covered what’s happening now and what is coming down the pike from a regulation standpoint. A few of the many topics included the current regulatory agenda, PHMSA’s top priorities and 2023 activities, and the bipartisan infrastructure law. Alan also provided several slides on statistics in areas such as gas transmission and hazard liquid significant incidents and the most cited regulations.
  • Representing the originally scheduled speaker, Bill Caram, Erin Sutherland from the Pipeline Safety Trust was the second presenter. She focused her presentation on an overview of the Trust, including the history of its inception; shared goals (safer pipelines, zero incidents); programs such as the State Website Transparency Ranking; and priorities including methane mitigation and hydrogen pipelines.
  • The final speaker was Deborah M. Franco, Vice President of Rates, Regulatory, and Sustainability, from SJI Utilities. She spoke on topics including recovery of capital investment; the Elizabethtown Gas Company Infrastructure Investment Program (IIP); the South Jersey Gas Company Infrastructure Investment Program (IIP); and future initiatives, including the Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSE&G) Program.

Following the conclusion of presentations, Garrity opened the Q&A session with a question of his own. Several other audience members followed his lead by asking their own relevant questions, which prompted answers and thorough discussions from the panelists.

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