Sunday Symposia at 2023 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo

Sunday, March 19 marks the start of the 2023 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo, which will host a number of exciting and informative symposia for attendees.  

Among the notable symposia taking place on Day 1 of the conference:  

Measurement and Simulation of Atmospheric Corrosion Through Modeling and Controlled Exposures: Chaired by James Dante of Southwest Research Institutes and vice-chaired by Brandi Clark of Luna Innovations, this symposium features technical papers on the significant economic and social costs of atmospheric corrosion.  

Paper topics may include, but are not limited to, corrosion model development, refinement, validation, or application to product or material design, characterizing or improving controlled atmospheric corrosion exposures, including test methods and corrosion measurement and characterization techniques, and material development for enhanced corrosion resistance.  

Mineral Scales: Causes, Cases, and Control: Chaired by Zahid Amjad of Walsh University and vice-chaired by Tao Chen of Aramco, this symposium will feature technical papers that present advances in understanding of the fundamental of mineral scales formation and control in industrial systems. Papers will address strategies to control mineral scales with new inhibitors.  

Performance of Galvanic Anodes and Galvanic Cathodic Protection Systems in Reinforced Concrete Infrastructure: Chaired by David Whitmore of Vector Corrosion Technologies and vice-chaired by Ivan Lasa of Greenman Pederson, Inc., this symposium features technical papers on the performance of galvanic anodes and galvanic cathodic protection systems in reinforced concrete infrastructure.  

Papers that document long-term studies and field installations may be included, and may also cover performance of new galvanic anodes and updates to existing galvanic protection systems.

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