Value-Add Strategies: Corrosion Management Audit Process Forum

In this forum, IMPACT PLUS experts will discuss the value that Enbridge, a leading energy delivery company, realized after conducting a critical, inward-looking audit of their asset integrity program utilizing the IMPACT PLUS audit process. Presented by Elaine Bowman of AMPP and Valerie Sherbondy and Jay Helsel of KTA, Monday’s session covers how Enbridge measured the maturity of their asset integrity activities and also benchmarked their results against other organizations in the corrosion industry.

Even though there are very structured processes and procedures to manage asset integrity throughout the life cycle of an asset within Enbridge, the IMPACT PLUS audit helped pinpoint areas for improvement to further improve performance.

IMPACT PLUS is a one-of-a-kind, innovative product that enables asset owners to validate corrosion control actions by business impact and maintain a successful corrosion management plan. This is done through the IMPACT PLUS audit that provides recommendations for organizational improvement based on the Corrosion Management Maturity Model (CMMM) that helps organizations:

  • Communicate corrosion management activities and information effectively at the highest levels
  • Measure and benchmark current internal business practices
  • Monitor, manage, and ultimately improve their corrosion management and asset sustainability activities.

It is designed to advance corrosion management performance across all industry sectors from pipelines and bridges, to maritime and defense systems, and more.

For more information on IMPACT PLUS, visit The forum will take place on Monday, March 7 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. local time in Room 206 AB.

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