Wednesday Features Symposia on Thermal, Cold Spray Coatings

Wednesday, March 22 marks the fourth full day, and third weekday, of the 2023 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo, which will host a number of exciting and informative symposia for attendees.  

Starting at 8:00 a.m. local time, notable symposia on Day 4 of the conference include:

Thermal and Cold Spray Coatings: Chaired by Shiladitya Paul of TWI and vice-chaired by James Weber of James K. Weber Consulting, LLC, this symposium features technical papers on all aspects of thermal and cold spray coatings used to mitigate corrosion of metallic and reinforced concrete structures, with a specific focus on (but not limited to) surface preparation, coating consumable selection, spray method selection, spray parameter development, in-line quality and inspection, testing and qualification, operational experience, cost reduction, maintenance, and repair. Papers on thermal spray coatings of zinc, aluminum, and their alloys for corrosion mitigation with relevant field applications would be of great interest.  

Corrosion Inhibitor Application on Metallic Surfaces: With Cliff Cracauer as chair and Tunde Kingsley Adelakin as vice chair, this symposium features technical papers on mechanism, modeling, field experience, monitoring and mitigation (design and inhibition). Papers that discuss top of line corrosion in a multiphase wet gas system when water vapor contained in the gas phase condenses on the internal upper pipe walls are encouraged.

Flow Assurance in Oil and Gas Production: With Qiwei Wang as chair and Larry Chen as vice chair, this symposium features technical papers on flow assurance which is critical for the safe, economic and efficient oil and gas recovery and processing. The symposium will present the new advancements in understanding and technical solutions related to corrosion, scale and other oilfield chemistry issues in hydrocarbon production and transportation, covering root-cause determination, modeling, laboratory investigations, and field case studies.

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