AMPP Debuts Industrial Coating Application Training Program

AMPP’s new Industrial Coating Application (ICA) training program is an instructor-led, subscription-based, globally offered program built around the NACE No. 13/SSPC-ACS-1 standard.

It was formally introduced last fall, and AMPP representatives hosted an AMPPiTheater presentation this week to showcase it to the conference audience.

The program is designed to provide practical, hands-on, formal training — not only for those who may be new to the industry, but to seasoned employees, as well.

The lessons within the Industrial Blast and Spray modules are structured to allow individuals and companies the flexibility to build a training program that fits their respective needs.

For years, AMPP has led the certification and recognition of blasters and applicators, so creating training for this audience was a natural fit. Based on feedback from industry, specifiers, trade schools, and asset owners, AMPP designed a flexible curriculum designed to hold the interest of the participants through the use of:

Interactive hands-on workshops
Colored student guides
AMPP recognition and professional development hours
Certification options

 For more information about the ICA Training Program, visit

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