AMPP, American Water Works Association Host Joint Workshop

At this week’s conference, leaders from AMPP and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) came together to host a joint workshop titled “Synergy in Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Sustainability.” This can be achieved through optimizing life-cycle costs via proper corrosion control, they explained.

The workshop was presented by Amir Eliezer, Immediate Past Chair of the AMPP Board of Directors, and Randy Moore, Vice President of AWWA and Director of Sales at coatings manufacturer Tnemec. In their remarks, both men discussed common approaches and synergies to achieve goals pertaining to water/wastewater infrastructure asset management and sustainability.

In all, speakers included Eliezer, Moore, Brian Chesire, Guillermo Loayza, Randy Nixon, and Juan Caballero.

“This session that involves the collaboration between AMPP and AWWA, in my opinion, was long overdue,” said Tnemec’s Cheshire in response to a question about the forum’s importance.

“There are many great things that both organizations do,” Cheshire said. “If you’re an owner, engineer, or even anyone who deals with coatings, there was a lot of valuable information within this session discussing corrosion in the water infrastructure—and then more broadly—how to address it and how to fight against it. This includes proper design, cathodic protection, or even just coating selection.”

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