How AMPP’s QP Accreditation Program Is Evolving

AMPP’s Quality Procedure (QP) accreditation program is continuously improving — and for the coming year, program leaders are working to make noteworthy updates while setting goals for 2025 and beyond.

This week at the 2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo in New Orleans, Michael Damiano and Dave Evans shared a few of those with attendees during the “What’s New With QP Accreditation” forum.

For starters, they’ve created a checklist for contractors to use to complete an internal audit before the QP auditors come to the jobsite. This should help to give contractors an idea of what is expected of them and how to prepare for a faster and more efficient visit.

Another update to the program is that Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) may now be requested of auditees and even for minor findings, if the auditor deems that necessary. Damiano gave a few examples involving minor safety concerns that could warrant CAPs.

Additionally, there is a new merit program that will be replacing the legacy Random Audit Program from SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings and the 5-Star Program from NACE International. The old programs will be sunset at the end of 2024, and applications must be submitted by July 2024 to be enrolled in the new program. The team also has a goal to “modernize and internationalize” disciplinary action communications (DACs).

The QP program leaders requested help from contractors in the audience to give feedback on potential growth areas of the program (e.g., fireproofing and powder coating applications). Other areas of emphasis include connecting the QP team with facility and asset owners and engineering firms to help increase owner specifications of QP-accredited companies, as well as the development and launch of a focused marketing plan.

The next steps that are planned for the program include a communications portal for contractors, an FAQs page, and an increase in contractor-focused events. For more information, feedback, or questions, reach out to

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