Wednesday Symposia Feature Coatings Failures, Machine Learning, Alkalinity

Symposia on coatings failures, machine learning for corrosion management, and understanding alkalinity for use in corrosion prediction are among the many Wednesday offerings during the 2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo.

Coating Failures, which goes from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Room 219, features technical papers on coating failures on a variety of substrates, structures, and in a variety of industries for the purpose of advancing the knowledge and awareness of users, owners, contractors, manufacturers, technical professionals, and more.

Example topics include determination of root causes and modes of coating failures, detailing of reasons and mechanisms affecting the coatings failure, investigative approach and stages of analysis, field methods for testing and sampling, and laboratory analyses and methodology.

From 8 a.m. to noon in Room 229, Machine Learning for Corrosion Management features technical papers on how to model and/or manage corrosion using new machine learning techniques. This may include how to deal with large data sets, create digital twins, model corrosion (or other time dependent material degradation mechanisms) using artificial neural networks, Bayesian networks, and decision trees.

In Understanding Alkalinity For Use In Corrosion Prediction, from 8:35 a.m. to 9 a.m. in Room R02, the parameters given in a production fluid water chemistry analysis are used for determination of scaling tendency and corrosivity by engineers assigned to maintain the producing well at its peak production rates while maintaining asset integrity. These water chemistry analysis documents provide the concentrations of anions, cations, total alkalinity, and various graphical data sets related to the tested brine which are designed to assist these engineers.

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