Marketing Specialists: Use Video to Emotionally Connect with Customers

Usingvideo in business marketing is no longer just nice to have but essential in today’s marketplace, two of AMPP’s marketing technology specialists told their audience Wednesday during the 2024 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo in New Orleans.

“Withthe unprecedented growth in video content, it really necessitates a shift in digital marketing strategies where we have to prioritize video to engage effectively with our audience,” said Lydia Prazak, senior manager of marketing technology. “For the future, as marketers, we have to understand that this trend is crucial for business and content creators, as it signals the importance of investing in video content.”

She cited statistics from TechJury that show:

66% of people consume video as their primary source of information;
Nearly 500 million people watch Facebook videos daily;
More than 90% of all video views come from mobile devices;
93% of businesses gain new customers due to branded video content;
As of 2023, people spend 17 hours a week watching videos online.


Using Ford and Coca-Cola advertising spots to emphasize her points, she said videos should make an emotional connection with their audiences through storytelling. The foundation of effective video marketing, Prazak said, requires clear goals around:

Goal alignment;
Measurable objectives;
Target audience clarity;
Strategic content planning;
Continuous evaluation and adaptation.

Her co-presenter, marketing technology strategist Victoria Vidal, stressed the need to gain audience insight by obtaining metrics for video such as play rate, watch time, shares, and click-through rates. Video content creators can then use those metrics to adapt their video strategies.

“Don’t get stuck in a rut where you are producing the same kind of video over and over again because it was easy,” she said. “You want to make sure that you're actually engaging with your audience. Because if not, what's the point?”

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